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5mm audio jack and the microUSB port with a flap cover. The phone can be billed though a Pc via the miroUSB port. There are no attributes on the bottom panel. Read the good print. All trustworthy service companies should offer a "try it and see" period to test the waters. If a company states that they don't provide refunds below any circumstances or cost a charge to reimburse you for unused membership fees, get absent quick!Today, there are numerous types of Notebooks available that include numerous kinds of attributes and functions. Choosing the best Notebook that meets your needs can include comparing different notebooks. Comparing notebooks can be a complex task. To make the selection procedure much simpler, below are a couple of tips to getting the very best notebooks. The songs player will assistance all songs formats and there is 120 mega bytes of inner memory that can be elevated by using a MicroSD card. It also has an FM Radio.