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I am nonetheless. Even as I have out the motions of everyday residing, becoming and performing, I am still. Which means, I am relaxed and current, and pleased with where I am. I can appear back and say, "Hey, It's been Ok. I've had a fantastic year. I am in a good place. " I couldn't say this before. I was as well restless, usually seeking much more, always being my own self critique and stating, "Well, it was an Okay year, but next yr will be much better, as lengthy as I do this, this and this. " Now, nevertheless, I can appear back again in retrospect and value the journey I've traveled, and be pleased with exactly where I am at this point in time. Companies like Conduits, Winvibe and Pocketmind all provide music players for your HTC T8290 cell phone or you could do an web search for other people. The HTC T8290 cell telephone does have its own media participant but you may want a much better, more practical player.