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There are some ridiculous provides on-line which will tell you that they offer free mp3 tones. The problem with these provides is that they will only give you two months to a month totally free use of the ringtone. Following this promo period, you will have to spend for the ringtone if you want to continue to use it. You will have to subscribe and pay for the membership on a weekly or month-to-month basis. I believe studying the good print is the key to this problem. If we only study the good print prior to getting those free ringtones then we wouldn't have the problem of getting an extra $10 charge on our bill. Once you have your MP3 information, you can set-up your own website and offer free music downloads. Or you can go to 1 of the numerous websites that provide totally free web internet hosting for musicians, so that the musicians will have a place to offer downloadable music MP3s, songs movies, and songs lyrics. Sites like, DiskFaktory Jams and Segment Z are each totally free and have other resources for musicians to accessibility, like message board forums and web radio stations. Once you have your recording carried out, the possibilities are limitless!To turn out to be proficient at producing hip hop there is a lot to learn. Perhaps you already know a great deal about this fantastic songs genre or maybe you're only just starting out.